Mom’s Letters Part One

Currently, I am organizing and archiving family artifacts. Included among the artifacts are a number of handwritten letters. Ten of them mom wrote between 1958 and 1967. These ten letters span most of the time we were in the military. Back in 2003, I had found nine of them. I scanned those and printed them along with various documents and photographs related to the letters. A couple of weeks ago I found another letter from this collection bringing the total number of pages to 97.

The original book was printed on 8 1/2 x 11 photo paper placed in page protectors and bound in a post album. Back then it took 24 hours to print one book. Those books are about four inches thick and heavy. Since my artistry skills have improved greatly since 2003. I decided to re-do the letters adding the newly discovered letter.

This time around my plan is to transcribe the letters and use parts of the originals as embellishments. Instead of one volume, the letters will comprise multiple volumes. The format I decided to use is a 10 x 10 lay-flat photo book printed by one of the companies that print photo books. This way I only have to print one copy and if any other family member wants copies they can print all of them or just the volumes they want.

So far I have completed the first two spreads Each spread consists of two pages. If you look closely you can see one of the original envelopes and some of the original handwriting.

00_Tttle page4


Part Two


6 thoughts on “Mom’s Letters Part One

  1. tschwartz1935wowwaycom

    Thank you for inspiring thoughts I’ll give to my decades-old collection of letters (all addressed to me from friends and relatives), presently tossed in a jumble into a cardboard box in the attic. They’re of limited use to my family history; they should be useful to future family historians. Unlike you, I have minimal artistic talent, but I’m thinking of mixing quotations from letters with images of the subjects and authors and sharing that wit family. Thanks again.

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    1. agilchrest

      You are very welcome! It doesn’t take much to find things to use with the letters. In Mom’s first letter she talks about seeing a movie on the troop ship we took to Alaska. If you can imagine you’re on a troop ship you have just practiced abandoning ship and the movie playing that night was “Abandon Ship!” with Tyrone Power. I found an image of the movie poster I am hoping to incorporate into the page with the letter.


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