Mom’s Letters Part 3

I haven’t had much opportunity to work on Mom’s letters in a while. Just got my computer back from the shop. Here is the latest page for volume one of Moms Letters.

Part One
Part Two
Part Four



9 thoughts on “Mom’s Letters Part 3

  1. Your Mom’s handwriting is quite unique, and very pretty. She sounds quite the optimist.

    I started at “one” again and enjoyed the Telegram. A correspondence vehicle of antiquity now. And this time, feeding the Bendix .. with nickles, dimes, or quarters? No more Bendicies (plural?)


    1. agilchrest

      The handwriting in the pages is actually a font called Shelby. The originals are on 5 x7 notepad paper. This letter contains 10 pages of the notepad paper. But mom does have nice handwriting. A sample is on the Arriving Whittier page. The slide is labeled in her writing.

      May have to add a Bendix ad to the mix.


  2. Agree, she has lovely handwriting. It is striking how she takes the inconveniences in moving around in stride. Today’s young couple would have a major meltdown should the moving truck not beat them to their new home. Also, she reveals numerous personal family expenses, like the Bendix, but larger too, that are really job related, yet unlikely to be reimbursed. Plus, the need to buy product on arrival, for new environment. These would add up hugely, over time.


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  4. I love the graphics, and the homey vbe of the letter is just plain relaxing, even her anxiety over missing her iron.

    The only new portion of Part 3 is the single notebook entry on the front page, correct? You still have several more pages to transcribe into Shelby, right?


    1. agilchrest

      There are two more notepad pages for the first letter. We were in Alaska for four years and only one Alaska letter survived. There are a large number of slides from our time in Alaska that I plan on including along with some of my memories and stories mom has told about our time there.

      The next letter is dated 13 April 1963 from when we were stationed at the Pentagon and will be volume 2.


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