Mom’s Letters Part 4

Here are the next two pages for volume one. Including the last page of the first letter. We were in Alaska for 4 years but only one of mom’s Alaska letters were saved. For the second part of this book, my plan is to use other photographs taken from our time in Alaska adding stories that were told and my memories. Which admittedly are few. I was 5 when we left.

16 May 1958_Spread 4a

16 May 1958_Spread 5

Part 3
Part 5


9 thoughts on “Mom’s Letters Part 4

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  2. There’s that Bendix! I just love the panel, dressed to the nines and better to view the Melmac display. Brings back a flood of memories. We got Sear’s catalogue and scissors instead of toys! Even if you didn’t save the Alaska letters, there is so much interesting stuff to look at here.

    I can’t enlarge the page with the letter.


    1. agilchrest

      As I got older I got quieter. Apparently, when it was light out in the middle of the night it was my nature to get up get dressed and go outside on adventures. Mom and dad tell stories about how they would awake in the morning only to find me dressed and outside having a grand time. Mom said she never worried because we were living on base.

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      1. agilchrest

        I sometimes ponder how we got to the point where parents today operate totally from fear. And I wonder what that is doing to the kids of today.


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