Volume I Dad’s Military Album

Page 01Title-page

As a result of archiving Dad’s military papers and artifacts, I decided to redo the scrapbooks I made back in 2004. The original books contained many of the artifacts and I felt they should be housed in the new family archive. I am doing this version in a digital format that will be printed both as individual 12 x 12 pages and in photobooks.

Digital scrapbooking allows me a lot more options in presenting the story. There is also a lot more information available today that I didn’t have access to when I first created the scrapbooks making this version larger than the first.

The image above is the title page for Volume I. If you are interested Volume I can be viewed at Oscraps in the gallery. This link will take you to my gallery. Click on the image labeled Dad’s Military Career Volume I and you should be able to view the album page by page.


6 thoughts on “Volume I Dad’s Military Album

  1. Beverly

    Ann, your work is stunning, and your talent with all the archival information is beyond imagination. Thank you for sharing on this blog (I came across it via Topaz Impressions FB).

    Liked by 1 person

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